Independent VS Agency


Working alone versus escort agencies

One of the biggest dilemmas when you decide to become an escort is whether to work independently or with an escort agency. Both of them have pros and cons, so you should put them into balance thoroughly before taking this decision. Maybe you want more money and an agency can cost you too much. Or maybe you are more concerned about your safety and working on your own might be too risky. Here are a few things that you should know about working alone versus escort agencies.

What can escort agencies guarantee you?

Even if you take one of these decisions and you change your mind afterwards, it is not a problem. Regardless you choose to be an independent escort or an agency escort, you must ensure first that you are perfectly happy with it. Working alone will keep you busy all the time, you have to be your own manager and schedule your meetings based on your availability. You will need a personal driver, professional photographs and a website to promote your business. As a consequence, you need some basic information regarding online promotion, or maybe you can hire someone to take care of this job.

Escort agencies will undergo many of these tasks. They will ensure you a safe trip to and from your client and they will recommend you on their website so you will be promoted properly, without having to update the website on your own. For a fee they can guarantee your safety and protection and you will be stress-free when heading to the meeting place.

Because escort agencies deal with many clients, they will select your clientele more carefully than you would. Your clients will be thoroughly verified and discretion will be assured by all parties involved. In addition to this, they will offer you guidance and assistance, reason why many escorts prefer to launch in this field instructed by an escort agency.

No matter what your decision is, keep in mind that both of these options will bring you significant revenues and a few expenses as well. What sounds better to you, working as an independent escort or with an escort agency?

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